Financial Empowerment Communications Program VISTA

City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office

11 - 50 employees
Saint Louis
Field / Organizing
Entry Level


The Office of Financial Empowerment programs geared towards empowering city residents to
achieve between financial wellbeing and fitness. Operation Hope, an international nonprofit that works to empower the underserved through financial dignity, literacy, and empowerment, is responsible for delivering free financial coaching to city residents to help them become financially fit. Additionally, our office hosts free workshops with banking institutions to help increase the financial literacy of city residents. These workshops include but are not limited to credit and money management, homeownership, property taxes, debt reduction and the importance of emergency savings accounts. The College Kids Program is a children’s savings account program that ensures all traditional public and public charter school students receives a $50 deposit into a college savings account when they enroll between the grade-levels of 1st through 3rd grade. Families can then watch as their accounts grow through efforts and incentives such as matched savings, attendance bonuses, and parent participation in financial education courses and workshops. Upon graduation, students can use their savings accounts towards any college and career readiness program including parochial and trade schooling, 2-year associates programs, and 4-year Bachelor programs.


The VISTA member will develop a 5-year Strategic Communications Plan to recommend strategies, procedures, infrastructure, and goals needed to improve the access, knowledge, and usage of existing and emerging financial education programs designed to improve the financial literacy of low-to- moderate-income households through the Office of Financial Empowerment. The VISTA member will also create, develop, and lead a “Parking with a Purpose” Social Media Campaign to improve and inform residents’ knowledge that parking revenue funds College Savings Accounts. The member will also design, develop, present, and distribute the Communications Materials needed to execute both goals.


Applicants must have an interest and commitment to service and city government work.


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