Arena Careers is a platform to match job seekers with campaigns and progressive organizations.

Whether you’re an employer, an aspiring campaign staffer, or an experienced operative, join our community and become part of the network that we’ll need to sustain our movement for generations.



At Cultivate, we are building a community where every aspiring changemaker has access to the tools they need to build a career they love. We believe that people are the most important resource we have for creating progressive change in the world. We care deeply about hiring, training, and retaining top talent in the progressive movement. This means investing in people throughout their entire careers, and empowering organizations to build strong cultures that bring out the best in their teams.


The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the sole organization dedicated to electing Democrats to statehouses.

The DLCC recruits, trains, and supports local Democrats running for their state legislatures. We provide our candidates with the resources, field support, and data necessary to run smart, winning campaigns. By gaining a foothold in state legislatures, Democrats can engage supporters across the country and prepare for victories in statewide and national elections.



The Democratic National Committee is committed to electing Democrats at every level — from the school board to the Oval Office. But we can only do that together.

The Democratic National Committee is committed to building a strong Democratic Party and is seeking new and diverse talent to help lead us to victory in elections across the country. The DNC Talent Bank is an effort to help state parties, campaigns, and other progressive organizations find the best applicants for a wide range of positions from field organizers to digital directors and communications staff. If you are interested in joining a state party or campaign this cycle, and in years to come, please fill out our questionnaire and submit your resume below. All levels of experience and fields of interest are encouraged to apply.



We elect Democratic pro-choice women to office.

Join one of the best teams in politics at EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest financial resource for women candidates. Check out job and internship opportunities to help elect Democratic pro-choice women.



GAIN POWER is a new collaborative networking platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating individuals, organizations, and campaigns, working for Democratic and Progressive change through political actions, elections, and legislative advocacy. We seek to build a membership community for creative change-makers, progressive professionals, Democratic candidates, campaigns & consultants, ideologically left advocacy nonprofits, socially conscious businesses, Democracy activists, advocates, artists, influencers, donors and investors, disrupters, resisters & persisters.



Welcome! Inclusv is an organization that works to break down the barriers that have traditionally prevented people of color from advancing in the political sector. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for your first job in politics, a veteran campaigner who wants to become a senior staffer, or an organization that recognizes a need to diversify your staff, Inclusv is here for you. We build the bridge between talent & the employers who seek to hire them. We focus on political campaigns, nonprofits, government, civic-tech, gov-tech, government affairs, & businesses in politics & advocacy.



It’s our goal to empower all Democrats by providing the tools and training needed to compete for every office. By bringing together innovative thinking and passionate individuals, we aim to inspire people to make a difference. If you’re committed to our vision and to inspiring people to make a greater impact in our democracy, we want you to join our team.



The Mission Of Vote Run Lead Is To Train Barrier-breaking Women To Unleash Their Political Power, Run For Office, And Transform American Democracy. Quite Simply, We Train Women To Run For Office. And Win.

Vote Run Lead trains intersectional, feminist, anti-racist, reformers to run for political office and win. We empower women to run for local and state office because more women in politics creates real change, effective democracy, and better government.

We are a national, nonpartisan, civic leadership organization for women of all backgrounds. We use training, technology, and community to create large-scale impact on women’s representation and to fuel women’s ambition for political leadership, increase diversity, and close the knowledge gap around civic engagement for women of all classes, cultures, and colors.



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Movement Talent started in 2020 to address a number of key issues faced by movement organizations and the people interested in working in movement spaces.