Fall 2023 Staff Cohort


2 - 10 employees
Columbia / Jefferson City, Kansas City, Northeast Missouri, Northwest Missouri, Remote, Saint Louis, Southeast Missouri, Southwest Missouri, Springfield
Communications, Data / Information Technology, Development / Fundraising, Digital, Field / Organizing, Finance / Accounting, Human Resources / Administration, Operations / Scheduling, Research
Entry Level, Mid Level, Paid Internship / Part Time, Senior Management
$0-$29,999, $30,000 - $44,999, $45,000 - $59,999, $60,000 - $79,999, $80,000 - $99,999, $99,999 +


The LeadMO/Action Staff Cohort program is one of our flagship programs, running three times per election cycle – once in even years and twice in odd numbered years. This cohort is designed to do two things: equip people with the tools and network needed to build a career in Missouri politics and the non-profit advocacy space and to then connect them with opportunities to do good.
Learn more about this program at leadmo.org/staff-cohort-program/
**Through the generosity and investment of our sponsors, foundational, and individual donors, the LeadMO/Action Staff Cohort program is (and always will be) 100% free of charge.**

The Fall Cohort program will run from late September-early November 2023 


Apply here: LeadMO Fall 2023 Staff Cohort Application (google.com)

Applications are due August 31st, 2023