Deep Canvasser

Missouri Jobs with Justice

11 - 50 employees
Columbia / Jefferson City, Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield
Field / Organizing
Entry Level


A part-time, deep canvasser at 20 hours per week at $25/hour.

Role: Through a combination of deep canvassing and traditional voter engagement this position will work regionally to test scripts and messaging, identify voters on issues, educate voters on where candidates stand on issues that are important to the targeted voters and mobilize supportive voters to turn out in the August, November and April elections. 


Deep canvassing is one of the most proven and durable forms of persuasion and is far more effective than other forms of persuasion employed by traditional political campaigns. Deep canvasses are candid, two-way conversations where canvassers ask voters to share their relevant, emotionally significant experiences and reflect on them aloud. Deep canvasses typically involve:

  • Non-judgmentally soliciting voters’ views and asking follow-up questions about voters’ experiences.
  • Sharing narratives about personal experiences with the issue that reinforce values relevant to the issue.

Weekly Work:

  • Training and conversation prep
  • Canvassing
  • Phonebanking 
  • Debriefing and offering feedback on script and survey questions

Training and Onboarding: At MO JWJ we believe that all staff should be well oriented, continuously developed and trained and participate in anti-racist work at the individual and organizational level. This work will be incorporated through an intensive onboarding process the first few weeks of being hired as well as incorporated at a smaller scale into weekly work plans.


Qualifications: The ideal candidate will be comfortable having intense and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with a wide array of people. Candidates must have a working vehicle with insurance, a cell phone with data and have an ability to work the required shifts (Sunday 1-6pm, Monday 2-7pm, Tuesday 2-7pm, Wednesday 2-7pm). We require staff to be vaccinated.


To Apply, go to:

For more information on Missouri Jobs with Justice, please visit or call the office at 877-644-0466.